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Antigone (c. 442 BC)
Ajax (c. 440 BC)
History of the Persian War (c. 440 BC)
Ezra (Bible) (c. 440 BC)
Alcestis (438 BC)
History of the Peloponnesian War (431 BC)
Medea (431 BC)
Nehemiah (Bible) (c. 430 BC)
Malachi (Bible) (c. 430 BC)
Oedipus the King (c. 430 BC)
Prometheus Bound (c. 430 BC)
The Trachiniae (c. 430 BC)
The Heracleidae (c. 429 BC)
Hippolytus (428 BC)
Andromache (428-424 BC)
The Acharnians (425 BC)
Hecuba (424 BC)
The Knights (424 BC)
The Suppliants (Euripides) (422 BC)
The Wasps (422 BC)
Heracles (421-416 BC)
Peace (Aristophanes) (421 BC)
Electra (Euripides) (420-410 BC)
The Clouds (419 BC)
The Trojan Women (415 BC)
The Birds (414 BC)
Ion (Euripides) (414-412 BC)
Iphigenia Among the Taurians (414-412 BC)
Helen (412 BC)
The Phoenician Women (411-409 BC)
The Thesmophoriazusae (411 BC)
The Bacchae (410 BC)
Electra (Sophocles) (c. 410 BC)
Iphigenia at Aulis (410 BC)
Lysistrata (410 BC)
Philoctetes (c. 409 BC)
The Cyclops (c. 408 BC)
Orestes (408 BC)
Oedipus at Colonus (c. 406 BC)
The Frogs (405 BC)
On Airs, Waters, and Places (c. 400 BC)
On Ancient Medicine (c. 400 BC)
Aphorisms (Hippocrates) (c. 400 BC)
On the Articulations (or, On Joints) (c. 400 BC)
Bhagavad-Gita (c. 400 BC)
The Book of Prognostics (c. 400 BC)
Of the Epidemics (c. 400 BC)
On Fistulae (c. 400 BC)
On Fractures (c. 400 BC)
On Hemorrhoids (c. 400 BC)
On Injuries of the Head (c. 400 BC)
Instruments of Reduction (or, Mochlicon) (c. 400 BC)
The Law (Hippocrates) (c. 400 BC)
The Oath (Hippocrates) (c. 400 BC)
On Regimen in Acute Diseases (c. 400 BC)
On the Sacred Disease (c. 400 BC)
On the Surgery (c. 400 BC)
On Ulcers (c. 400 BC)
Xenophon (c. 431-354 BC)

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List of Works
[Agesilaus]   [Anabasis]   [Apology]   [Art of Horsemanship]   [Cavalry Commander]   [Constitution of the Athenians]   [Constitution of the Lacedaemonians]   [Cyropaedia]   [Economics]   [Hellenica]   [Hiero]   [On Hunting]   [Memorabilia]   [Symposium]   [Ways and Means]  

Agesilaus (c. 380? BC)
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Anabasis (c. 380? BC)
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Apology (c. 380? BC)
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On the Art of Horsemanship (c. 380? BC)
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On the Cavalry Commander (c. 380? BC)
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The Constitution of the Athenians (c. 380? BC)
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The Constitution of the Lacedaemonians (c. 380? BC)
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Cyropaedia (c. 380? BC)
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Economics (c. 380? BC)
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Hellenica (c. 380? BC)
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Hiero (c. 380? BC)
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On Hunting (c. 380? BC)
Or, The Sportsman.
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Memorabilia (c. 380? BC)
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Symposium (c. 380? BC)
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Ways and Means (c. 380? BC)
Or, Revenues.
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