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Santayana, George
Sartre, Jean Paul
Schopenhauer, Arthur
Scott, Sir Walter
Secondat, Charles-Louis de (Montesquieu)
Shakespeare, William
Shaw, George Bernard
Shelley, Mary
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Siena, St. Catherine of
Simmel, Georg
Singer, Isaac Bashevis
Smith, Adam
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksander I.
Sowell, Thomas
Spenser, Edmund
Spinoza, Benedict de
Steinbeck, John
Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle)
Sterne, Laurence
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Swift, Jonathan
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord
St. Teresa of Avila
Thackeray, William Makepeace
Thoreau, Henry David
Titus Lucretius Carus
Tocqueville, Alexis de
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Tolstoy, Leo
Toynbee, Arnold
Twain, Mark
Brother Ugolino of Montegiorgio
Verne, Jules
Vinci, Leonardo da
von Clausewitz, Karl
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
von Mises, Ludwig
Walton, Izaak
Weber, Max
Wells, H. G.
Wesley, John
Whitehead, Alfred North
Wilde, Oscar
Virginia Woolf
Wordsworth, William
Yeats, William Butler
Xenophon (c. 431-354 BC)

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List of Works
[Agesilaus]   [Anabasis]   [Apology]   [Art of Horsemanship]   [Cavalry Commander]   [Constitution of the Athenians]   [Constitution of the Lacedaemonians]   [Cyropaedia]   [Economics]   [Hellenica]   [Hiero]   [On Hunting]   [Memorabilia]   [Symposium]   [Ways and Means]  

Agesilaus (c. 380? BC)
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Anabasis (c. 380? BC)
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Apology (c. 380? BC)
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On the Art of Horsemanship (c. 380? BC)
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On the Cavalry Commander (c. 380? BC)
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The Constitution of the Athenians (c. 380? BC)
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The Constitution of the Lacedaemonians (c. 380? BC)
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Cyropaedia (c. 380? BC)
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Economics (c. 380? BC)
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Hellenica (c. 380? BC)
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Hiero (c. 380? BC)
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On Hunting (c. 380? BC)
Or, The Sportsman.
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Memorabilia (c. 380? BC)
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Symposium (c. 380? BC)
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Ways and Means (c. 380? BC)
Or, Revenues.
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