Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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Dictionary (1755) [HTR,HC]
The Harvard Classics only included the Preface to this work.
  • No known online texts of the complete work
  • Preface
    • HTML (3 pages) at
    • HTML (Single page, 66 KB) at Jack Lynch's Samuel Johnson page
  • The Plan of an English Dictionary (in a letter to Lord Chesterfield, 1747)
    • HTML (Single page, 52 KB) at Jack Lynch's Samuel Johnson page

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Hardcover edition (Intl Book Centre, 1978).
  • CD-ROM edition (Cambridge Univ Pr, 1996).
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The Lives of the Poets (1781) [HTR,HC]
  • Multi-format (HTML, EPUB, Kindle, Text) edition in two volumes at Project Gutenberg:

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Hardcover edition (Bibliolife, 2008, 164 pg).
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The Plays of William Shakespeare (1765) [HC]
The Harvard Classics only included the Preface to this work.
  • No known online texts of the complete work
  • Preface [HC]
    • HTML (4 pages) at
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Poems (c. 1750-80?) [HC]
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The Prince of Abyssinia (or, Rasselas) (1759) [HTR]
  • HTML (49 pages, indexed) at Jack Lynch's Samuel Johnson page
  • Multi-format (HTML, EPUB, Kindle, Text) at Project Gutenberg

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  • Paperback edition (Oxford Univ Pr, 2009).
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The Vanity of Human Wishes (1749) [HTR]
  • HTML (Single page, 19KB) at Jack Lynch's Samuel Johnson page
  • HTML (Single page, 24KB) at Rensacence Editions
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Wahrheit, Dichtung und
Waiting for Godot
Wake, Finnegans
War, The African
War, The Alexandrian
War, The Art of
War, The Gallic
War, History of the Peloponnesian
War, History of the Persian
War, The Jewish
War, On
War, Principles of
War, The Spanish
War?; Why
War and Death, Thoughts for the Times on
War and Peace
War of the Worlds, The
Ward, Cancer
Wars, The Civil
Washington Square
Wasps, The
Waste Land, The
Waters, and Places; On Airs,
Way of Perfection, The
Way of the World, The
Way to Write History, The
Ways and Means
Wealth (Aristophanes)
Wealth of Nations, The
Weight of the Mass of the Air, Treatises on the Equilibrium of Liquids and on the
Werther, Sorrows of the Young
What is Art?
What Men Live By
What You Will (or, Twelfth Night)
Where is Science Going?
White Fang
Why War?
Wild, Call of the
Wild Duck, The
"Wild" Psychoanalysis, Observations on
Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship
Will, Concerning the Bondage of the
Will, Habits and
Will to Power, The
William Shakespeare, The Plays of (Johnson)
Windsor, The Merry Wives of
Wings of the Dove, The
Winter of our Discontent
Winter's Tale, The
Wishes, The Vanity of Human
Wives, The School for
Wives of Windsor, The Merry
Wizard of Oz, The Wonderful
Woman of No Importance, A
Women, The Education of
Women, Little
Women, The Phoenician
Women, The Subjection of
Women, The Suppliant
Women, The Trojan
Women of Trachis, The
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The
Wonderland, Alice's Adventures in
Works and Days, The
World, Brave New
World, Concerning the Harmonies of the
World, Our Knowledge of the External
World, The Way of the
Worlds, The War of the
Write History, The Way to
Writings (Irenaeus)
Writings (Justin Martyr)
Writings (Tertullian)
Wuthering Heights
Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A Connecticut
Years of Solitude, One Hundred
Yoga Sutras, The
Young Man, A Portrait of the Artist as a
Young Poet, A Letter of Advice to a
Youth and Old Age, On Life and Death, On Breathing; On
Zarathustra, Thus Spake

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